A look at what we offer.

We are here to help with all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats (plus some of your other small pets, too).

Appointments, walk-ins, drop-off and emergency services are available.

We offer:

  • Preventative Care and Vaccinations, Including Heartworm Prevention

Regular wellness exams for your pet can help detect a problem in its early stages, making treatment more likely to help and less expensive to resolve.

Vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, and routine deworming are important components of wellness care and can prevent diseases that are not only life-threatening, but very expensive to treat.

  • Allergy Management and Flea and Tick Prevention

Sometimes an itch is more than an itch.

While every dog and cat scratches, excessive scratching or constantly itchy skin are signs something may be wrong. If left untreated, sores and infections may develop.

Allergies can be caused by a number of factors.  Food and environment can affect your pet in the same way they cause allergies in people, but dogs and cats could also be allergic to parasites –like fleas and ticks.

Diagnosing the right cause for itching is vital for effective treatment. We carry a variety of pest control products to help your pet stay itch-free.

  •  In-House Pharmacy, Lab and Digital Radiography

We offer in-house pharmacy, laboratory, and digital x-ray services, allowing us to diagnose and treat your pet faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost.

  • Internal Medicine and Surgery

Whether it’s a routine procedure or life-saving surgery, our staff understands the stress involved for the pet and it’s owner. We do everything we can to ensure a safe procedure with a positive outcome.

And post-surgical care for your pet plays a vital part of that outcome, too.

Giving medications and caring for the incision at home are crucial to recovery. Preparing a quiet, safe, clean place for your pet to rest helps the healing process. Together, we can help your pet get back on it’s feet quickly and safely.

  • Prescription Diets and Weight Management

Diet and exercise are important to ensure that your animal is healthy. We stock a variety of pet food. Let us advise you about quality of life issues to keep your pets healthy and happy.

  • Microchip ID (With Free Lifetime Registration)

Micro-chipping is a quick, simple way to help reunite you and your best friend, if your pet ever goes missing. The micro-chip, inserted with a needle between the shoulder blades, can send its information to a scanner, alerting a shelter worker, or other veterinary clinic, to contact the microchip registry.

The registry service can only alert you if you have registered your contact information with them, though, so micro-chipping is only the first step!

  • Spay and Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet helps them live longer, healthier lives, minimizes behavior problems, and helps to control pet overpopulation.

  • Boarding

Going out of town on vacation? We provide safe, clean boarding facilities within the clinic. Reservations are required, and all pets must have current vaccinations. If needed, we can update vaccinations upon arrival.

  • Dental Cleaning and Surgery

Dental disease not only causes pain and bad breath, it can also cause serious oral, liver and kidney infections, and heart disease.

Regular dental exams and cleanings will help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

  • End-of-Life Care

End-of-life care brings with it difficult decisions to make and emotions to face. We help you assess your pet’s quality of life and assist you in the transition to hospice care or euthanasia.